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Today’s competitive business environment has taught many of companies that outsourcing their ground shipments to a reliable carrier’s dedicated fleet service is a smart business decision. With millions annually in Dedicated Fleet revenue alone, Volume is guaranteed to represent your company professionally by:

Improved service offering flexible capacity – Volume is able adjust to your seasonal influxes of business. 

Elimination of capital expenditure – This outsourcing frees up capital that could be applied to a corporate function not readily served by an outside supplier.

Reduction in liability exposure – Dedicated service eliminates the liability and overhead costs associated with maintenance of a proprietary company fleet.

Operation efficiency through technology driving out transportation cost – Reliable delivery of your freight allows the flexibility to handle all types of loads. State-of-the-art satellite tracking, lets you know the exact status of every truck and trailer in our fleet. 


Dedicated Shuttle

True Dedicated Fleet

Dedicated Short Haul, Regional-Over the Road (OTR) Freight


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