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Volume Transportation Inc was designed on a napkin by Larry Sellers and Joe Coleman in the early spring of 1992.

Later that year on June 1 with 3 tractors and 3 trailers Volume handled it’s first truckload of goods, launching our commitment to “Service is our Business”

History shows and it’s still true today the Volume associates are Centered-Focused-Forward as we conduct our “Business of Service”


Volume Transportation, Inc. has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption, by investing in a more fuel efficient fleet, managing and reducing idling time, and other initiatives to reduce consumption.


We are proud to be a carrier in the SmartWay Transport Partner program. SmartWay has recognized us for our outstanding environmental performance utilizing some of the most available fuel saving strategies.


As a Transport Partner, we have committed to continually find ways to improve our environmental performance.


As a truckload specialist, Volume can safely and efficiently transport van freight across the state or across the country. If our customer has demanding deadlines, Volume can be there with expedited same-day service that guarantees delivery of crucial just-in-time shipments. Because Volume offers the flexibility of multi-stop deliveries, we can quickly service customers with numerous drop-off points.


Volume has a reputation for quality service with shippers throughout the country. We have the equipment, the manpower, and the expertise to coordinate the effective management of customers’ freight shipments.
We have a commitment to safety that extends throughout every level of our organization. This keeps our liability costs down, helping us to provide our customers with competitive rates and consistent, reliable service


Volume’s operates a modern fleet of late-model, fuel efficient and eco-friendly tractors. They are equipped with state of the art communication equipment from PeopleNet and are computer dispatched and tracked. Our fleet is maintained by our own in-house team of professionals who work hard to ensure each tractor operates safely and efficiently with minimal down time

About Us

Mission Statement

Volume Transportation is committed to providing our customers impeccable service, innovative solutions and value added pricing, while safely and courteously coexisting with the motoring public. We value the benefits of teamwork by emphasizing the rewards of hard work, recognition for superior results and return on investment for everyone involved in the organization’s success.

At Volume Transportation, we are proud of our modern fleet of tractors and late-model trailers. But Volume is more than just trucks and trailers.

Our staff works to develop a true partnership with each of our customers. We want to continue to push the envelope into new areas of technology that will help move your “truck load” faster more efficient and in the end save you more money.

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