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Score of 75% or better on safety analytics

​Fuel Economy of 6.5 mpg

Moving Fuel Economy of 6.7 mpg

​Over RPM % less than 5%

​Long Idle % Less than 30%

​Over speed % Less than 5%

​Sudden start/stop alarms no more than 3

​Over Speed alarms no more than 3

​HOS Violations no more than 5

Benefit Disclosure
Driver Hiring Criteria

​Average 2,000 miles pers week

​52,000 miles in 6 months



As a company we believe that offering the most competitive driver rates is important to not only securing the best drivers, but by building a lasting relationship with our employees. Drivers can feel comfortable driving for Volume and in our mission to create a financial win-win attitude that benefits the entire Volume Team. Why would you want to work for Volume? The answer is simple. At Volume we are all about driving….

Driving The Best

The majority of our tractors are late model 3 years or newer. We realize that if the driver’s equipment doesn’t work, this means less pay for them and less revenue for us. Our maintenance staff does a great job of keeping Volume’s fleet in tiptop shape and roadside maintenance service is available 24/7 for mechanical emergencies. We pride ourselves in developing a plan to get each driver back up and running within one hour of any equipment breakdown.

Driving Safely

Safety at Volume is one of our top priorities, we never ask our drivers to put themselves into a situation that makes them feel unsafe. We adhere to a stringent set of CSA rules while at the same time allowing drivers to do their job.

Driving For Family

Volume knows the importance of family and we think of all our drivers as part of the Volume family. We understand the importance of drivers spending time with their families and will always take that into consideration when planning. 

Driving To The Top

Hiring the best drivers and continuing its expansion into the trucking industry.

Driving Toward The Future

Volume has invested heavily in the future on new technology that will allow drivers to do their job easier and more stress free. Volume’s goal is to make each driver’s job as efficient as possible allowing them to get more loads delivered in any given day.

Why work for Volume?

Driver Incentive Program

We offer great driver incentive programs that reward our drivers for their performance in the areas of safety, quality, dependability, and much more. Plus earned Pay Increases Available Every 6 Months!

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