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Introducing Volume’s Senior Management Team

With over twenty years combined trucking experience

Volume’s Senior Management has the knowledge and longevity to lead our customers, internal and external, into success!

Larry Sellers, President

Tyler Watts, COO

Todd Lentz, VP of Systems Development

Heather Weatherford, Controller

Shanna Scott,      Director of Maintenance

Allyson Lentz

Striving to Reach Our Vison:

To provide high level transportation services for our customers, a rewarding driving experience for our professional drivers, and an easy to manage operational workflow for our staff, allowing a reasonable return on our investment for all team members.

Melissa Sanders, Recruiting Manager

Theresa Webster, Director of Safety

Paige Coogler, Director of Risk Management

Kelli Simmons,      Director of Operations

Melissa Stubbs, Accounting/HR

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